Here are answers to many of the frequent questions we receive through our Facebook page as well as those who email us through our contact forms.

Admission & Days we are open

  • $10 per person 13 and up
  • $5 per child ages 6 – 12
  • Free ages 5 and under

Thursday through Sunday nights (after Labor Day: Fridays and Saturdays only)

Do you have a running list of your upcoming movies?
Answer: We book movies from week to week. We do not have a list of what’s playing weeks ahead. Movies will be posted on our site and social media as well as through our email blasts that go out every Monday for movies showing that week.

What is your capacity now that there are COVID-19 restrictions?
Answer: 175 vehicles with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Normally without restrictions we can hold 250 vehicles.

What is a good time to come to the theater before it is full?
Answer: Earlier the better. With COVID restrictions we have limited capacity on the grounds. Gates open at 6:30PM. Some nights we will hit full capacity within an hours time. Other times we may not hit full capacity at all. You can check our site’s homepage and Facebook Fan Page for capacity updates.

Can you reserve tickets beforehand?
Answer: No. Tickets are sold at our ticket booth on a first come first served basis.

Do we pay for each movie separately?
Answer: No. Admission is charged when coming into the theater. Admission price covers you for both movies.

Can we leave after the first movie ends if we do not want to stay for the second movie?
Answer: Yes. There is an intermission between movies where you can leave the theater after the first movie.

Can we come later in the night and only watch the second movie?
Answer: Yes. Please note due to COVID restrictions that space is very limited and we may not have space available. We regularly will post on our site and Facebook if we are at full capacity to give you a good indicator of availability.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Answer: Yes! You may purchase gift certificates at the ticket booth when entering the theater any night we are open. Thursday through Sunday nights.

Do you show family friendly movies?
Answer. YES!! We strive to have our first movie of the night to be family friendly or a kids movie every opportunity available. Normally the second movies are chosen to cater to adults but may also be family friendly depending on what is available to show from Hollywood at that time.

It’s raining, are you open?
Answer: YES we show movies rain or shine! Only in extreme cases of bad weather we would cancel for the evening. If that were to happen we would post an update to our sites homepage and on our Facebook Fan page.